soal online bahasa inggris smp unbk terbaru

soal online bahasa inggris smp unbk terbaru

soal online bahasa inggris smp unbk terbaru

Soal 3 - Recount Text

My first recollection of my childhood is the day I toppled down the stairs when I was three years old. I cried for nearly an hour in spite of my parents’ attempts at comforting me. Finally, I quietened down when my mother gave me ice-cream and chocolate. Luckily, I was not hurt.
The time before I started going to school was full of happiness. I had good neighbors to play with from morning till evening. We played marbles and football or rode our tricycle happily. There were also other games to occupy our time.
At the age of five years, I had to attend kindergarten and this turned out to be quite an ordeal for me. To begin with, I felt very sad having to leave my house and go off each morning to be among st strangers. I cried and wanted my mother around, much to my teacher’s displeasure. As the day went by, however, I made friends easily in class and found company. I became happy again and actually looked forward to leaving the house each morning.
I still remember those days when I was learning to ride a bicycle. I fell and bruised myself several times, but i never gave up. Finally, I was able to join my friends going around the neighborhood on my bike.
Another fond memory is the end of year concert held at the kindergarten. I was chosen to play the main role in the play ‘Kancil dan Buaya’, and I became a celebrity that day, receiving lots of compliments for my performance.
I now realize what a wonderful childhood I have had and at times wish i could relive those days.

  1. What is the best title of the text?
  2. My childhood friends
    My childish experiences
    My unforgettable moments
    The moment of my childhood
  3. Why did the writer initially not like going to school?
  4. His new friends treated him meanly
    He didn’t know anyone at the school
    His mother would left him at school alone.
    He would not be able to play with his friends
  5. The writer thinks that his childhood is wonderful because . . .
  6. He figured out that he was talented
    He spent his time to have fun with his friends
    He met good friends and learned many things
    He had many new experiences at kindergarten
  7. “I cried and wanted my mother around, much to my teacher’s displeasure.” (paragraph 3). The underlined word can be replaced with . . .
  8. shock

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