Soal 2-Descriptive Text

Soal 2-Descriptive Text

Soal 2-Descriptive Text

Soal 2

I have a best friend at school named Bramastya or Bram for short. He and I first met at elementary school and we became great friends. We are classmate this year and go to school together each morning.

Bram is a fair, good-looking boy with sweet smile. Plus, he is kind, jolly and helpful. He always helps me whenever I find difficulties in my Mathematics homeworks. Beside, he likes playing games and cracking jokes.

Bram and his family live near my house. On Saturday evenings, we usually meet at my house. We sit in the garden and read comic books. On Sunday morning, we usually go swimming together or playing basketball in the afternoon. Occasionally, when my parents go out in the evening, he comes over to keep me company and we watch television together. That’sway I do not feel lonely.

We have decided that we will continue our studies at the same school. Both our parents don’t mind with our decision. Now we have been preparing for the final exam and hopefully, we will receive good marks.

  1. The third paragraph talks about Bram and the writer’s . . .
  2. daily activities
    favorite sports
    houses which are nearby
    togetherness at weekends
  3. The writer describes Bram as a . . .
  4. generous person
    sincere person
    attractive person
    favorable person
  5. Why do you think the writer knows Bram very well?
  6. Bram lives close to the writer
    The writer spends much of his time with him
    Bram always spends the night at the writer's house
    they have been classmates since elementary school
  7. "plus, he is kind, jolly and helpful." (paragraph 2). What does the underlined word mean?
  8. lighthearted
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